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Help us at the Recycle Center

The Recycling Center has been in operation over a year and the Weatherford Recycling Group wants to thank the community for using the Recycling Center. The amount of recycled material has increased over the last months and we want to encourage those who recycle to continue. We would also encourage you to tell your friends and neighbors to begin recycling.

This article is to intended to educate the citizens of Weatherford about the recycling process and why it is important to observe an etiquette of recycling at the Recycling Center.

Before a substance can be collected for recycling, a vendor must be identified who will take the material. The Recycling Center is currently taking cardboard, plastics 1 through 7 (no styrofoam), aluminum cans, metal cans, and household batteries.  Paper products (newspaper, phone books, junk mail, mail inserts) are collected in the Green and Yellow bins because there are vendors who will take these items. We want to add glass and other materials but we have not identified vendors who will work with us. The best scenario is to find a vendor who will pick up our recyclables and pay market price. To get the best price, the recyclable needs to be clean and placed in the correct receptacle. An example is putting rinsed tin cans in the trailer marked for tin cans and not in the aluminum can receptacle.

Another problem we encounter is people throwing bags of trash in the recycling receptacles. When this happens someone has to remove the trash and put in the regular trash bin in the alley east of the Center.

Please help us and only put in the collection container what is indicated on the container.

Thank you,
Weatherford Recycling Group





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